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Bob F. Sidney, Canada
Bob F. Sidney, Canada
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"My world is very competitive and visibility is hard to achieve and generally quite expensive. Using SEO Guru was a departure from all the promises and bragging I got from others who really just made excuses for poor results. Eric of SEO Guru did achieve [...]"
Alana B. Encinitas, CA
Alana B. Encinitas, CA
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"I am so pleased with all the work that Eric has done for my SEO campaign with my Yoga Studio in Carlsbad. It is hard to find a professional that is within my budget, helps me to understand what he is doing to enhance my standings online, keeps me posted [...]"
Nolan R. Sorrento Valley, CA
Nolan R. Sorrento Valley, CA
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"Being a small business owner, I'm constantly bombarded with SEO/Marketing offers. I've tried many other companies out only to feel like I've been scammed and should've just kept my money. Not the case with Eric. He is not a pushy salesman in the least [...]"
Josh C. La Jolla, CA
Josh C. La Jolla, CA
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"I have used Eric for several different SEO projects and he more than delivered on his end of the bargain. SEO is one of those things where you think you're smart enough to do it on your own, but trust me, you're not. Eric is the Obewon Kinobe of SEO. [...]"


Our company will make sure your pay per click campaigns are fully streamlined for maximum click through rates and conversions. Laser target your audience, with a message that sells! Call Us Now at: (858) 461-8010

Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for the best SEO Internet search company? Our company will make sure your website structure is search optimized or make sure your design firm does not hurt your existing traffic with that re-design. Social media marketing, Google map


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Traffic Equals Sales

Search Engine Optimization

Our expert marketing agency company has been 1 found by you, not by chance but on purpose. We specialize in for your local business? Do you want to improve your internet presence in your industry and find more customers? Our team offers clients quality SEO search and online marketing services that are guaranteed to increase your company’s customers sales through an increase in organic traffic to your website. Our team uses cutting edge search strategy will help bring to your business convert into sales that will allow your business to thrive. We offer the latest in data driven SEO tactics and insights which are Google safe, effective, and built to last the life of your business. Our expert keyword research and competition analysis will provide you with all the laser targeted market service to succeed on search with leads. If you’re ready call us now at: (858) 461-8010.

#1 SEO

Our team uses search engine optimization marketing expertise, our company can help build your business brand digitally for the long run. We do not take any service shortcuts because we have a reputation just like you, and if we help you succeed, you in return help us succeed. Traffic equals sales, we do our SEO best to bring you the best search marketing services and maximum laser targeted traffic with a focus on leads conversions. Of course WordPress web design.

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Contact our agency today for a free San Diego CA Google search proposal, I work with large and small businesses locally, as well as local and national San Diego services campaigns.

The Basics of SEO

What´s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word  in San Diego SEO Expert? Maybe you think it is advertising agency or something related to Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing right? Online take clients with sales. Well you are kind of right; Google website SEO services means search and it is related to the process of generating traffic from first page organic to their top ones that are those you first see when you look for some topic.

Digital Presence Online

Remember, your main goal is to optimize your San Diego CA website so that it can rank higher on every search relevant to your business, and to achieve this you need to:Create the right content for your site, your audience, and get your industry

  • Know exactly what people are looking for and offer it with SEO
  • Make your audience, partners, clients, and potential clients trust you 100% time

Website Keyword Research

Establishing the right SEO keywords is very important, so you need to include those naturally on all your content marketing in order to maximize optimization. This will improve the chances that your site comes on the top of people searches. Keywords research is important.

On-Page Optimization

The term on-site optimization refers to search tactics you can implement to make your site more visible, relevant and indexable to search engines. Some of these tactics are:

  • SEO Optimization of your titles and meta descriptions so they include your keywords.
  • SEO Content is attractive, easy to read, and high quality so that your audience will remain loyal and keep coming back. A good looking website will also attract new clients who will see the time and effort you’ve made to make your business appealing online.
Search Engine Optimization Tools

We are the best SEO experts, with many search companies in San Diego CA that can help you improve your Google website SEO. Some have free versions that are worth trying out at first. We recommend Google Analytics, which is the most popular one and is really effective for beginners; it offers reports, insights, and metrics that are very useful to making decisions about your site’s search engine optimization rankings and organic traffic. If you cannot afford professional website SEO experts we recommend checking out our DIY SEO plan of action to get you started.

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