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DIY Search Engine Optimization | Do it Yourself SEO

Are you a new business or a business that cannot afford to pay the Agency rates you have been getting quoted? Well, I have everything you need in this SEO guide to get started online with search engine rankings below and get search traffic with search engine optimization. You will have to do some search work, but you will be paying wholesale rates and getting the best expert advice FREE. What’s in it for me? Well, once you completed all the DIY SEO actionable search engine optimization tips here and generating business search traffic, my hope is you will remember who helped get you there Eric Strate an Expert SEO with San Diego SEO Service an SEO company in San Diego. I hope you will become too busy to be bothered with the monthly maintenance, updates to algorithms, and keeping up with the competition, that you need to hire me for professional help. Also, if you do all the search work here, your setup fee would be greatly reduced. Get ready to do-it-yourself SEO.

Step 1: Domain Name and Hosting

GreenGeeks is the best online hosting for doing it yourself you can get and they specialize in WordPress hosting. The latest technology, security, and FREE SSL. Support is top-notch, and your website will load the fastest possible with their included CDN (Content Delivery Network). Highly recommended for rankings!

If you still need a domain name, I recommend buying it from the company we are trying to influence Google. Pretty straight forward, pricing competitive to others. You will only need to change your DNS to point to WP Engine when hosting is purchased.

Step 2: Competition and Keyword Research

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SEMrush is the software that I use and the majority of SEO professionals in this industry find your search engine’s keyword traffic. You can try it out for free, but I recommend you purchase the monthly subscription because you will be using it almost daily researching your competitor’s keywords, traffic, backlink opportunities, paid marketing, social media, and keyword research. I won’t go into how to use the software, because SEMrush has excellent free training courses available on their website. Once you find your keyword, you can then move on. Remember, keywords are everything, and without keywords, you have nothing but a dead site. So, give Google keywords in order for your site to rank. Content is king with search SEO, so make sure you spread out your keywords in a natural way in your content.

Step 3: WordPress Website Optimization

SEOPress is an amazing WordPress plugin. Once you have your primary keyword from SEMrush, now it’s time to install this plugin. The free plugin is pretty much all you need to get started, and once you have a budget for the pro, you will unlock even more advanced features. SEOPress has the best setup wizard I have seen. This is perfect for people new to SEO, and it pretty much holds your hand and walks you through everything you need to set up your website with Google and website optimizations. ***My advice is to be conservative with your keywords. 1 to 2 keywords per page Title, and natural content that casually mentions variations of your keyword. Google’s algorithm is known to combat the over-optimization of websites, so by being conservative you can avoid the penalties. If you still not comfortable with optimizing the website yourself, I highly recommend using a service from Fiverr Pro and I explain in detail below in Step 4. Make sure your content is readable and understandable. This plugin also helps with your keyword in content and how much it is mentioned in your content.

Step 4: Offsite Off the Page SEO Foundation

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Fiverr Pro is my trusted source for finding great vendors. My competitors will roll their eyes, but if you stick with Fiverr Pro you will be satisfied. Fiverr Pro vets their pros, your money is held in a escrow-type setup, where you do not release funds until you are satisfied. The people you are hiring, also want you to be satisfied, because they rely on your positive review to help them grow as well. I am certain you will be satisfied. If you venture into normal Fiverr, just be warned you are more than likely to be burned, not satisfied, and or get your website into trouble with Google (you’ve been warned). I will not share exactly who I use and why, as this will give too much away in my proprietary methods. But, to start you off if you are not comfortable with “keyword research”, “on-page optimization”, or do not have a “WordPress web developer” use these keywords in quotes to start your search. Now we start with backlinks (offsite SEO). I recommend searching for “Local Citations” as a solid start to creating your SEO Foundation. Social media, I recommend signing up for Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business to add to your social. Social media is the easiest, safest, and must have links point to and back from. These are the essential SEO foundation to get you started ranking safe and effective. Coming soon a list of Fiverr SEO gigs.

Step 5: Patience Slow and Steady Wins The SEO Race

After you have followed my search recommendations, the hardest part is the waiting game and time. Google does not rank you immediately. If you are in a highly competitive niche, then it will definitely take longer than a year to be able to break the first page and top page. But, beginning the ranking process is the most important. I highly recommend advertising with Google Ads to get your phone to ring while you wait for your DIY SEO work to bear fruit. All your internet marketing budget should be in PPC and not SEO during your first year. But, Google Ads is tricky, there are a lot of land mines in the process of setting this up. Google does not make it easy either. I highly recommend hiring myself or a Fiverr Pro for this. There are so many ways not to set this up properly and it will cost you. You will either not get any calls, or you will get the wrong calls. Do not forget to sign up for Google Analytics and Search Console to fine-tune your link building and target audience. If you are really bored waiting and have time on your hands, you can start blog post writing with low hanging fruit keywords that have low competition levels. These blog posts can build up to some serious traffic overall. Don’t forget to create a domain email and not use a generic email from Google or Yahoo as an example.

Once your PPC traffic is running and making sales, your organic is in the background aging and gaining time authority with Google. Around the 1 year anniversary of your website, if you have a marketing budget outside of PPC, then contact me for free SEO analysis and I will be able to offer you a realistic outlook for your chances to break the first page and top of page results. When in doubt, blog posts and more blog posts using long-tail keywords from SEMRUSH research. Do not forget internal links by daisy-chaining the blog post to link to each other, and keyword anchor text to your primary money pages. Understand that quality articles can also be purchased. But, understand this costs money and most times you will not like the writing of these quality articles. So, DIY SEO also includes writing your own articles.

Good Luck! May the SEO Force be with You!

Don’t forget to sign up for all the free social services out and the big social signals are from Facebook, Twitter, and of course Google themselves if you are a local business. These are easy to get and set up, and link out to them. It is also a good idea to keep active on these social accounts, so it shows activity. Once you start getting traffic from these social sites, this is another ranking signal. I hope this do-it-yourself SEO tip is helpful for you. I also hope you learn from this SEO content and succeed online, and remember me when you are ready to step up your SEO to the next level. Create and e-mail me if you have any questions.

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