Cannabis Marketing

The Difficulty of Cannabis Marketing


Although cannabis companies have become mainstream, there are still many roadblocks that are forcing marijuana-based businesses to shift their marketing tactics. Conglomerate corporations that host billions of users daily such as Google and Facebook go as far as to block paid advertisements for the cannabis industry. Join us as we detail the best practices to advertise efficiently without the use of major social media platforms.


The Need For Cannabis Digital Marketing


There’s no better way to have your brand recognized than through marketing. The basis for most marketing techniques is online through the use of a plethora of platforms and services. But what happens when many of these are unavailable to you? This is the case that’s been encountered time and again with marijuana companies because they are considered illegal on a federal level.


Without a precise method for marketing, cannabis companies are left to compete with a saturated market with their hands tied behind their back.


Currently, companies throughout the world have realized that customers are responding well to social engagement and content sharing. This means that companies are hard at work pushing their brands into the public’s eye through these methods to catch attention without needing to advertise in multiple locations physically.


Content Creation


Content creation is by far the most popular method for advertising your brand to increase both awareness and sales. Currently, the majority of individuals carry smartphones that are continually connected to the internet.


By having the world-wide-web at the touch of your fingertips, you can easily understand the impact that this has on marketing.


Content creation comes in many forms, whether they’re memes, diagrams, articles, reviews, commercials, and e-books. As long as the content that you create is attention-grabbing, then you’re sure to garner awareness.


Content creation allows you to get creative and innovative in the way you communicate with your audience. Ask any business person, and they’ll always list communication as an essential priority when trying to establish new customers or retain current ones.




Social Engagement


Social engagement is the act of moving the content that you’ve created over to an advertising platform. This is where many businesses thrive because there are a wide variety of social media options. Google and Facebook allow paid advertising to reach millions of potential viewers which significantly increase your chances of gaining a more significant following of clients.


This untold amount of viewership has suddenly disappeared because of Google and Facebook’s refusal to allow cannabis marketing.


Why Cannabis Companies Are Not Allowed to Advertise With Major Social Media


Google’s ad policies directly list cannabis as a dangerous product or service. They list marijuana-based products alongside methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and other banned substances.


It appears that Google and Facebook are following the federal government’s tone on not recognizing cannabis as alternative medicine, although 34 states within the US currently have legal recreational or medicinal marijuana.


Google does not allow cannabis companies to advertise about the psychoactive or therapeutic effects of THC or CBD. They do not allow users to promote the sale of recreational cannabis products or even ads on cannabis production, sales, and consumption.


Facebook’s policies are very similar to those of Google by not allowing users to advertise the production, sale, and use of marijuana.


Jump Over Regulatory Hurdles with Search Engine Optimization Strategy


The tried and true method of bypassing Google and Facebook regulations is by using SEO, or search engine optimization.


SEO has been the go-to method for cannabis businesses that wish to rank high when individuals search for marijuana-related products or companies. The entire point of SEO relies on keywords. These keywords can be single words or even short phrases. Words that will rank you higher are common terms that individuals are continually inputting into Google’s search engine.


Currently, there’s no regulation of cannabis SEO so this creative trick can bypass Google’s strict policy. Marijuana SEO is a reasonably time-consuming method, but it allows you to begin advertising your brand or company without the restrictions met when directly trying to promote on social media platforms. Whether you’re focused on CBD marketing or THC-focused marketing, SEO is your ticket to increasing your companies’ awareness.


Why Top Ranking is a Must in the Cannabis Industry


The cannabis industry is an incredibly competitive market. This multi-billion dollar industry is exponentially growing, and it’s only a matter of time before marijuana-based companies catch on to the SEO trend for pushing their brands into the spotlight.


While social media giants such as Facebook and Google continue to sideline cannabis advertisements, those who know about SEO are ahead of the marijuana marketing curve. By placing your company ahead of the rest, you’re better able to position your brand while your competition is stagnating and waiting for these social media giants to lift their iron curtain to marijuana marketing efforts.


The Need for SEO Professionals


SEO marketing unlocks massive potential for cannabis-based businesses because it will direct viewers to your brand. The main issue with marijuana SEO is that it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Google has implemented their own methods to make it more difficult for marijuana companies to utilize SEO for their advertisements.


Making meaningful SEO for cannabis companies is an art in itself. It requires constant monitoring of Google’s search engine algorithm, high-quality backlinks, and effective communication through the use of powerful keywords.


The entire point of SEO lies within the goal of increasing your rank on Google. The higher you rank, the more likely viewers will click on your website or content. Having high-quality content is just the beginning of your successful journey into advertising your cannabis brand online. The moment that you’ll realize your companies’ true potential is once you find an SEO professional that understands the subtle nuances involved in pushing your cannabis brand to new heights.