What´s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word SEO? Maybe you think it´s something related to internet and marketing, right?

Well you are kind of right; SEO means search engine optimization and it is related to the process of generating traffic from the organic search engines to their top ones that are those you first see when you look for some topic. It’s about gaining visibility and becoming more relevant to the audience.

It has a lot to do with marketing because it is the way you show yourself in the digital ecosystem.

If you are beginning a new business or want to make it grow in the digital ecosystem this is fundamental and you need to be prepared for it.


All About SEO

4 important things you should know about SEO

1.     Define objectives to achieve with a SEO strategy


Even if you are totally new on this or have some previous knowledge, search engines as Google are always coming out with new algorithm updates so you need to be beyond that and catch up on all the news coming out.

Remember, your main goal is to optimize your website so that it can rank higher on every search relevant to your business, and to achieve this you need to create the right content for your site, you need to offer what people are looking for, and you must become trustworthy to your audience.

Establishing your keywords is very important, so you need to include those naturally on all your content, this will improve the chances that your site comes on the top of people searches.

2.     Work on optimization


The term on-site optimizationis referred to tactics you can implement to make your site more visible, relevant and indexable to search engines. Some of these tactics are: optimization of your titles and meta descriptions so they include your keywords.

Then, your content has to follow a strategy to ensure you are creating high quality material for your audience so they keep loyal to your site and keep coming back.

3.     Work on link building


When it comes to link building it’s all about creating content on external sites to get your potential audience to link to your website. It requires a complete analysis of the brand building you want to achieve so you create your content according to this strategy.

4.     Metrics in SEO are really important


The most important phase on SEO strategies is the measurement of your results. It´s all about how you analyze those, in order to adjust and become closer to what you expect to achieve.

There are many tools to help you on this task, some have free versions that are really worthy to try on, Google Analyticsis the most popular one and is really effective for beginners; it offers reports and metrics very useful to make decisions.

SEO is a whole deep world with a lot of information you need to have in your hands and process this to design the best strategies for your digital presence and make the most of this online marketing goal.